Solving Spatial Problems

Welcome to North Arrow Research, a Vancouver-based company that develops innovative mapping tools, specializing in environmental research using GIS. This includes ecological modelling, habitat identification, and at a broader scale, information systems that organize and share spatial environmental information.

Our People


    Philip Bailey


    Matt Reimer

Our Tools

  • Habitat Model

    An open source, free ecological simulation modeling software package.

  • Raster Manager

    A simple, fast utility for processing, converting and restructuring raster GIS datasets.

  • Geomorphic Change Detection Tool

    We develop the GCD ArcGIS add-in and can help you get up and running with this tool.

  • River Bathymetry Toolkit

    We develop the RBT ArcGIS add-in and can help you get up and running with this tool.

Our Services

The consulting services and solutions that we provide fall under the following major categories:

  • GIS Tool Development

    We build several cutting-edge tools for processing and analysing spatial data.

  • GIS Strategy

    Learn how to integrate and leverage the full power of spatial information within your organization.

  • Information Management

    Organize, store, share and visualize your data to enable better decision making.

  • Training Courses

    We have developed and delivered several professional-level courses on various GIS subjects. These short 2-4 day courses are custom designed for clients and typically focus on the use of spatial data for decision making and/or one of the GIS tools that we develop. Our courses are extremely hands-on and often use client data for the exercises.

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